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  Hi. I'm Magdalena Puniewska, a journalist, editor, and fact-checker.

       I live and work in New York City.  

      Interested in my work? Here are a few of my favorite stories: 

Complex Saviors, New York Magazine

Nurses and doctors can often be the first line of defense against trafficking. Now they’re being trained to actually see it that way.

The Common Hormonal Disorder Doctors Can't Figure Out, Medium

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is an endocrine condition that affects up to one in 10 women — but doctors can't agree on how to define and diagnose it. 

How I Made Peace With My Family's Silent Dinners, Bon Appetit

Why didn't my immigrant family's dinner sound like those on TV?

Healing a Wounded Sense of Morality, The Atlantic

American soldiers are coming home from war and realizing that their trauma is something more than PTSD.

Referenced in the book, Future War: Preparing for the New Global Battlefield by Robert H. Latiff (2017).

The Prison System is Designed to Ignore Mental Illness, Vice

Interviews with inmates, lawyers, and advocates revealed a grim reality about our criminal justice system. 

America's Flawed Death Investigation System, Vice

A look into how deaths are analyzed and recorded shows that we might be downplaying the true scope of the opioid epidemic.   

The Myth of Modern Burnout, The Week

Humans have been exhausted for centuries. 



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